About me

French/New Zealander software engineer, I love building and learning stuff. I'm specialized in System Engineering and Distributed Computing.


Side Projects

Here are a selection of projects that I've liked making alone or in a team. Not everything I've done is here, but here are some projects I'm happy sharing.

This Animal No Longer Exists

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This project developed in Rust aims to alarm about The Sixth Extinction that is currently happening right under our eyes. We are right into the beginning of a historical accelerated, widespread mass extinction which is scientifically proven to be caused by human development.

This Animal No Longer Exists screenshot



Marque-Places is a side project which has the goal to simplify the creation of placecards. Fully destinated for the french market, it help event organizers to create beatiful placecards.

Marque-places screenshot


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Shaarli is a self-hosted free link aggregator, Shaarlier is an Android app to share link directly from the Android share menu. It is quick, works with every version of Shaarli and is fully customizable.

Shaarlier screenshot

ResEl website

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During my presidency at ResEl among other projects I've developed with the help of other ResEl admins the latest version of the ResEl website. While being a vitrine for the association, the website also handles registration and fees payement for the members.

ResEl website screenshot

Neural network on FPGA

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Developed during a school project with a classmate, this is a implementation of an MPL NN on an FPGA reaching 97% accuracy on MNIST at 10,000 inferences per second.

MNIST FPGA architecture

Java interpreter witten in Ocaml


Javabien is a project group made during a school projet, it is a toy Java 6 interpreter written in Ocaml. It handles most of the syntax, simple file api, and network access.

MNIST FPGA architecture

LLisp: a toy lisp interpreter


Simple toy Lisp interpreter developed in python for fun during a week. This interpreter implements basic arithmetic operations, variable declaration, branching and control flow, function and list manupulation.