Fixup and autosquash

In git some commits can be marked as fixup of others, that can be very helpful for drafting commits without going through a complex git rebase afterwise.

This feature can be used suchwise:

# Create a commit
git add -p file1 file2
git commit -m "Create new feature"  # Commit id: b3dd96c

# Oops we forgot to add a file
git add file2
git commit --fixup b3dd96c

The commit log looks like that:

$ git log --online
af423b9 fixup! Create new feature
b3dd96c Create new feature
324f2cb Previous commit

The commit can now be squashed using --autosquash:

git rebase --interactive --autosquash 324f2cb

One caveat of fixup is that it needs a commit id, which is not confortable for daily use, the following git alias allow to fixup tags dans branch names like git fixup HEAD:

fixup = !sh -c 'SHA=$(git rev-parse $1) \
	&& git commit --fixup $SHA \
	&& GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR=true git rebase -i --autosquash $SHA~' -


git diff

Nice arg in git diff : -W or --function-context will show the surrounding function of the patch.